Hi! I’m Varun and I’m a wedding and commercial photographer based in Delhi NCR.

If a few words could describe someone, I suppose I’d call myself a dreamer, movie buff and book sniffer. My most vivid memories are snapshots of my childhood, playing in my grandmother’s huge garden in Lucknow. I remember what the huge Jamun tree looked like, and the marks I’d made on the trunk of it with the bamboo bow and arrow my uncle had made for me. I remember the tortoise in the well next to the Jamun tree and its moss-covered shell. It used to look like a wet stone with arms and a head. Everything is a picture in my mind.

Despite all these images floating around in my head, photography happened to me quite by accident. I always liked taking pictures, but it was nothing more than a kid playing the fool. A family vacation, a birthday party, a tortoise in the well, these were the only instances I got to use my father’s click-and-wind 35mm film camera. I’m shy but I hide it very well, by hiding behind the camera. I went to Canada in ’06 to train to be a commercial pilot. It was the best time. Two years on your own can teach you more about life than twenty years of living in the comfort of your house. By the time I finished my training, it was the year 2008 and the world economy was gagging for air. It was a difficult time for many people, and for me, it meant the end of an aviation career that hadn’t even taken off.

A dear friend from Mumbai suggested I take up photography as a hobby and learn the basics. Our idea was to set up a photobooth in one of the nightclubs there with a basic light set up and click pictures of the guests. It was a good plan and we had a good run with it. It helped me meet a lot of people and also honed my photography skills. When one of the clients there suggested I shoot their wedding, I found the idea rather interesting. And so I took it up, and while clicking photographs at the wedding I realized how much I enjoyed it. And I haven’t looked back ever since.

I’ve been photographing weddings for almost 10 years now and I love to call it my job. It gives me the opportunity to meet You, and play a part in some of your most cherished memories. I realize how important these memories are, and I’m always grateful for the trust my clients put in me. It is both a privilege and a responsibility. And I thank you for this.